Buckfast F0 queen bee for rearing queen bees


A pure-bred, mated and selected F0 generation Buckfast queen for breeding queen bees and building productive, strong and gentle-tempered colonies.

               We could talk and write endlessly about Buckfast bees and their great temperament, but isn’t it a hundred times better to see for yourself? Buckfast bees are one of the best choices for beekeepers looking for the ideal balance between gentle temperament and productivity, swarming frequency and colony size. The Buckfast queen will create an ideal family for honey and pollen production.

               These queen bees are mated in the German mountains, at a special mating station. This ensures that their offspring are pure-bred Buckfast bees that are characteristically docile and productive. The queen bees for queen bee rearing are carefully bred: we observe the colonies they build, their temperament and behaviour, the honey they produce and their general productivity. The queen bees we select after observation guarantee the continuation of the Buckfast breed and its best qualities.

We offer both bee colonies and queen bees for sale.




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Buckfast F0 queen bee for rearing queen bees

These queen bees will be delivered to you in a special box along with attendant bees to take care of them. Queen bees are marked with an ID number and have a clipped right wing.

We deliver the queen bees in the months of May–August. Because the number of queens we have is limited, customers must book their queen in advance.

Order your queen and select a delivery date most convenient to you.

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