Buckfast queen cell


Pure-bred virgin Buckfast queen cells for a strong, gentle-tempered and productive colony.

 We could talk and write endlessly about Buckfast bees and their great temperament, but isn’t it a hundred times better to see for yourself? Buckfast bees are one of the best choices for beekeepers looking for the ideal balance between gentle temperament and productivity, swarming frequency and colony size. The Buckfast queen will create an ideal family for honey and pollen production.




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Buckfast queen cell

Buckfast queen cells are an ideal choice if you’re looking to ensure the harmonious integration of a queen bee into an existing colony. Once the cell is placed in the hive, the queen bee hatches within 2 days. If weather conditions allow, in a further nine days, the queen will take off for its first mating flight, and soon enough you will be able to enjoy a new generation of bees. Hatched Buckfast queens can be mated with drones of your choice or random drones encountered on a first mating flight. This means you have the opportunity to partially breed your own bees and produce be qualities that are best suited to your needs.

For the safety of the cells themselves, the cells can only be picked up directly from our bee farm. Please book your queen bee cell in advance.

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