Original Buckfast
queen bees

bakfastas itin produktyvi biciu rusis
The Buckfast bee: a productive and willing nectar- gathering breed
biciu seima puikiai perziemoja
Capable winterers
nelinkusios spiesti
Not inclined to swarm
sios bites puikiai palaiko avilio higiena
Keep the hive clean 
bakfasto bites ramios ir svelnios
Especially peaceful and gentle-tempered
atliekame biciu selekcija
Bred by us
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Our queen bees and their colonies are a true gift to all

We breed our bees and raise our queen bees based on the experience we gained during the two seasons we spent learning from German beekeepers.

The Buckfast is our dream breed and comes with the best qualities bees can offer. We take our responsibility of raising queen Buckfast bees very seriously. Our bees are tagged with their own ID numbers, mated and then established on our own bee farm or other ‘homes’, other bee farms.

Only the meticulous breeding of queen bees and drones can preserve and improve the next generation of this breed’s queen bees.

Our process of breeding and fertilising queen bees is never left to accident – we meticulously select genetic material and thus influence the qualities of future descendants. 

We sell queen bees of the original B61 and B400 Buckfast lineage. They have been tested and tagged in compliance with the most rigorous standards of quality..

B 215

A daughter of our wonderful B61 line. Especially productive and a great gatherer of pollen.

B 415

A daughter of our B400 line, selected from 60 of her sisters. Very orange bees. Exceptionally serene.

B 61

This line demonstrates exceptional hive hygiene, robust wintering capacity and is a willing gatherer of nectar.
You can still slightly feel that ‘Italian blood’, because in 2012 we crossed our good old Buckfast B4 (jrl) line with our ligustica L79 (AM) on the island of Ameland (the Netherlands).

B 400

This line produces a great nectar harvest, is easy to manage and is a great fit for novice beekeepers.
This is our classic Buckfast line.



Are docile bees a reality or utopia? For many, frequently even for beekeepers themselves, bees conjure up associations with stingers injected in the most unpleasant places. Beekeepers have several clever methods of dealing with this danger – namely, beekeeping suits and smokers. However, we tend to our bees not only wearing no special protective equipment, we actually touch them with our own bare hands and aren’t even afraid of nuzzling them up to our faces.

Gentle-tempered bees are no utopia – temperament is a matter of science. Careful breeding allows us and those visiting our bee farm to enjoy the best behaviour bees have to offer.

Having a large family or colony and meticulously coordinating its efforts is no joke. It requires patience and other very important qualities. There is perhaps no better mother for such a family than the queen Buckfast bee, which is especially gentle-tempered, productive and hardy with regard to cold weather. After all, the queen bee is a reflection of her entire colony.

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